BRAINMAP is a set of functional prototypes of a navigation support system used to explore graphs of document correlations, based on concepts from weighted complex networks, learned from their unstructured textual content.
BrainMap 1
Today´s overwhelming amount of information available inside companies and corporations can make searching and browsing very hard jobs, when one needs to find information related to specific topics within huge document collections.
Therefore, it is of paramount importance to develop tools to make easier the retrieval of specific information and to support the exploration by users of corporate intranets (composed of several hundreds of gigabytes of documents). This work was done with the supervision of Prof. Rita Almeida Ribeiro and Prof. Gabriel P. Lopes in colaboration with and Ricardo Raminhos

All of this concepts are protected by IPR.
For more information please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

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    • Good night!
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