Welcome to my Personal Web Page.

My name is Luis Teixeira, I’m 36 years old. I was born in the south margin of Tagus River (Portugal), namely in the city of Barreiro. I’m currently living in Baixa da Banheira.
I’ve a Bsc. and a Msc. in Computer Science. My degrees were taken in FCT – UNL. Currently I have a Research and Development Engineer Position at CITI – Center of Informatics and Information Technology, as you can see in my Curriculum Vitae section.
I’ve a strong entrepreneur spirit, always searching ways to create solutions to deal with new paradigms.

I’ve have also a CAP (Professional Aptitude Certification) and for that reason available to hear proposals to lecture courses or to aid in the definition of lectures in the IT’s area.

I’ve a strong passion for writing and for photography, which makes these activities my main Hobbies.
Some examples of this hobbies can be found in the Hobbies Page.

“Quando a Inovação tecnológica não se difunde na sociedade devido a obstáculos institucionais, ocorre um atraso tenoclógico pela falta do necessário feedback social/cultural às instituições de inovação e aos próprios inovadores”

Castells, A Era da Informação: Economia, Sociedade e Cultura
Vol. I A Sociedade em rede


For any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.