Second, Third and Fourth Days At LXMLS 2012

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LXMLS 2012

In these last days of the summer school I have seen very interesting, engaging and above all motivating talks !

I will give highlight to some of the titlea that I think are representative of the quality, the excellency and spectacularity of the talks given by Noah Smith. I had some previous knowledge on some of his work. So the expectation was high. But still he managed to overcome my biggest expectations! Great Speaker, conveys all the enthusiasm, joy and motivation in what he does and on he does very well!
I highly recommend to those who have the curiosity to work in the area of NLP and Social Media to see some of his work!

I also highlight other talks I attended, and found also very interesting. One given by Jacob Eisenstein about “Social meanings from social media.” and the other about Recommender Systems in LindeIN given by Paul Ogilvie.